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Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends Speed Dating Events?

Single professionals who might lead busy lives, who are from varied backgrounds, who are looking for something a bit more meaningful and either are exhausted from the online dating games or don’t know where to begin when it comes to the dating scene and truly desire to meet like-minded people. 


Why do I need to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the event start time?

Our events are based on an even ratio of men to women.  This early arrival time gives us time to complete check in, distribute name tags and date tracker card, seat all participants, and to go over the logistics of the event prior to the event start time.  


What if I like another speed dater, can't we just exchange numbers during our date?

To preserve the integrity of our events we ask that no personal contact information is exchanged during your one on one dates.  This is why we provide you with a date tracker card to indicate the people you feel that you are the most interested in and possibly would enjoy seeing again.  At the end of night the date tracker cards will be collected by the host and you will receive your matches' contact information within 48-72 hours.  


What if I show up and scope out the other daters and decide I'm not attracted to anyone? 

We understand that physical attraction is important to many men as well as women, but we ask that out of respect and courtesy for the other daters that you stay for the entire event.  The success of our events relies greatly on an even ratio of male to female participants.  Besides you just might be pleasantly  surprised at what you discover by staying the entire event.  


How do I get in touch with my match?

After you have indicated your selections on your speed date tracker card, you will be notified via email within 48-72 hours of the occurrence of the speed dating event.  This email will contain contact information for the participants whom you mutually matched with. It is then up to the both of you to make contact and to set up future dates/outings. 


Do you screen your daters?  

We do have participant guidelines listed here on our website that we ask all potential participants to read and agree to abide by prior to purchasing an event ticket.  We don’t currently have a screening method nor do we conduct a background check. We believe in participants using good judgement and having integrity. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.


May I attend for free if at the prior event I didn't match with anyone? 

In the event that you purchased an event ticket, attended and stayed for the entire event and selected all "no's" your date tracker card would you be eligible to attend the next event at no charge.  If at the next event you still do not find anyone that interests you then we encourage you to purchase


What happens if I can’t attend the event, can I get a refund?

You may receive a refund if a cancellation is requested at least 72 hours prior to the event or a refund will not be issued. If the request is received after the 72 hour time-frame then your refund is forfeited.  Please contact us as there may be other options available to you. 

Are food and drinks included with the ticket price? 

Yes, one house beverage or one non-alcoholic beverage and a group appetizer is included. We will have a list of items to choose from at each event. 


I’m shy - Can I bring a friend?
Completely alright! We as hosts aim to create an experience that will put all participants at ease so that you can focus on having a great time! If you choose to bring a friend, he/she must purchase a ticket in advance.  If you would like to be seated together please let us know.  


What should I wear to a speed dating event?

We suggest dressing in business casual attire, but dress comfortably.

Will I be photographed or filmed?
From time to time we may take photos of the event as it is occurring only for purposes of sharing it on social media to give other perspective singles an idea of how things operate and how much fun our events can be. If at any point a participant does not want to be photographed please alert the host and/or photographer immediately. Most photos taken at these events are not close up. We do however have some participants who love the camera and that is okay too!