Where you have the opportunity to meet your future King or Queen!

How It All Works



All participants are expected to check in with the host at least 15-30 minutes prior to the event start time. At check in each participant will be asked to show ID for verification purposes. Participants will then be given a name tag, date card, and a pen/pencil. 


At the beginning

Once all participants have arrived and have been checked in, the female participants will be asked to choose one of the numbered tables/seats within our section. The host will kick off the event with a welcome speech. During the event all female participants will remain seated while the male participants rotate at the sound of the bell after each 8 minute date. 


During the event

Each participant will be provided with one complimentary beverage on the approved menu for the evening along with a group appetizer. Each table will have "Conversation Starter" cards which include unique questions on them to help get to know each other. Participants do not have to use these cards, the use of these cards is completely optional. Each participant will have 8 minutes to meet with each date. Male participants will rotate at the sound of the bell to the next date while all females stay seated for the duration of the event. Prior to moving on to the next date all participants will have about 10 seconds to indicate their selections on their date card. 


Half time break

Approximately half way through the event the host will ring the bell and announce that it is time for a 10-15 minute half time break. At this time all participants may get up to stretch or use the restroom if they choose. After this brief break female participants will return to the exact table/seat previously at. Male participants will continue to rotate until each participant has met with every male or female at the event.


Once the event is over

All participants will be given about 5 minutes to make any final changes to their date card. The host will then collect all participant date cards and all participants are free to leave if they choose. 



Within 48-72 hours all participants will receive an email with a list of mutual matches from the event along with contact information for each match. We highly recommend calling matches within 1-2 days. We believe a phone call is more personal and expresses genuine interest.